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Multi Engine Rating

About Course

Multi-engine rating is an important step to become a pilot-in-command of an airplane having more than one engine. The work of multi-engine rated pilots is quiet challenging and at the same time exhilarating because flying a multi-engine aircraft is not easy as a single-engine airplane. Such pilots experience significant enhancement in terms of speed, performance and power. It is never be easy for pilots to control the twin-engine aircraft especially when engine fails.

That’s why it is necessary for single-engine private and commercial pilots to go under professional training to get the certificate. A Multi Engine Rating in the Indian Professional Pilot Program requires a candidate to have at least 10 hours of instructional flight on a DGCA approved twin or a multi engine aircraft. Most companies require 25 hours on a multi engine experience, with at least 15 hours on an actual aircraft. A multiengine rating is a step toward flying professionally for airlines and charter operators.